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  1. Twitter users have relived James Woods' movie role as former New York mayor Rudy Giuliani. Actor James Woods has become the talk of the internet after an old movie scene in which he starred as.
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  4. Outspoken conservative and award-winning actor James Woods has been locked out of his massive Twitter account — which has accumulated over 2 million followers — for over a week now, the actor's girlfriend Sarah Miller has confirmed. On April 20, Miller posted a screenshot of the email Woods received from the tech platform
  5. James Woods knows how to light the internet on fire. And he's back at it again, this time sharing a group picture that includes, among others, Michelle Obama, Hillary Clinton, and Bill Clinton. In the tweet, Mr. Woods points out how giant Michelle Obama looks compared to Hillary, and even Bill, who is 6'2. The [

Actor James Woods on Twitter hit another one out of the park. Related James Woods Sums Up Presidential Debate In One Hilarious Tweet Source - The Gateway Pundit. by Joe Hoft, December 15th, 2020. Today's tweet concerns Joe Biden and his relationship with China — James Woods (@RealJamesWoods) February 22, 2018 The actor has mostly done voice work since 2013, which marked his last major studio-backed live action picture in 'White House Down.' He also starred in the popular Showtime series 'Ray Donovan' that year

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James missed the Prog talking point memo: Go crazy. Lie about the findings. One of the few reasons I would go to Twitter was James Woods - If it wasn't for the ability to find the truth about what our President is doing, I would no longer go there. Vote Up 2 0 Vote Down Reply. May 10, 2019 6:27 pm James Woods and Rudy Giuliani have long been two very important members of Team Trump. Woods, an actor by trade, has become a noted Twitter troll who regularly spars with Liberal. Giuliani, of course, is currently representing Trump. Image Via Screenshot. But back in 2003, both men were in very different places President Trump has been hit with a ton of these in recent days, and James Woods tells us Twitter tagged a tweet with just one hashtag: #Dominion, i.e., Dominion Voting Systems, a voting software company used in 28 states. Read Full Story. Get the latest breaking news straight into your inbo

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James Woods: Actor 20 September 2018 Temporary Posting hoax political meme on 20 July 2018, specifically a fake message, supposedly from Democrats, that urged men not to vote in the midterm elections. Woods received an email from Twitter stating that the tweet had the potential to be misleading in a way that could impact an election NEW YORK (WCBS 880) — Actor James Woods returned to Twitter on Thursday night and made up for nearly a year's absence with a number of tweets going after Democrats. Woods' account had sat. James Woods has again been vindicated by his use of a question mark, as the 6th Circuit Court of Appeals has upheld his victory in a tweet-sparked defamation lawsuit

James Woods says he's leaving Twitter 'until free speech

  1. If you're ever looking for an antidote to the left's constant, utter nonsense, there's no better place to find it than the Twitter feed of James Woods. The actor and conservative commentator had an especially hilarious takedown of California Sen. Kamala Harris, who was just tapped as the vice presidential candidate alongside presumptive.
  2. After being locked out of his Twitter for refusing to delete a tweet, conservative actor James Woods has announced that he's quitting the platform until it embraces free speech. Woods has been suspended from using his Twitter account since April 20, 2019 for posting the following tweet which paraphrased a quote from poet Ralph Waldo Emerson
  3. James Woods Back on Twitter After 9-Month Boycott, Taunts AOC and Other Democrats The Wrap via Yahoo News · 10 months ago. Nine months after quitting Twitter, James Woods has returned to the social media platform to resume..
  4. Actor James Woods was locked out of Twitter on Tuesday after sharing intimate media of former Democratic candidate for governor Andrew Gillum, prompting a flood of responses under the hashtag #.

Twitter is adopting new misinformation labeling the platform says will apply to U.S. political figures and users with more than 100,000 followers, sparking criticism from actor James. — James Woods (@RealJamesWoods) February 7, 2020 The Salvador actor was locked out of his Twitter account in September 2018 for a tweet he sent out months before that was found to be in. Conservative actor James Woods returned to Twitter on Wednesday night and immediately criticized Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez's, dissection of a famous idiom during an emotional House Oversight. James Woods's return to Twitter has had a lot of positives.. The actor, who received kudos for being a one-man state-wide info network when the California wildfires broke out, tried to.

James Woods Is In 'Twitter Jail

James Woods. Bio This is the ONLY verified Twitter account for James Woods.ALL others are fake. I am on NO other social media (except a private Instagram). They're ALL fake. Tweets 35,9K Followers 2,7M Following 5,2K Account created 30-09-2009 05:31:28 ID 78523300. Free Instagram Follower James Woods has become a hero of the so-called alt-right on Twitter. But the actor, perhaps best known as winner of the 2000 Role Model Award at the Young Hollywood Awards, has decided to. But it gained newfound attention on November 23 2020 after it was posted to Twitter. The sequence shows Giuliani — played by James Woods, who like the former New York City mayor is an ardent supporter of and outspoken advocate for outgoing United States President Donald Trump — walking on a beach alongside Donna Hanover (Penelope Ann Miller) Trump Melts Down After Homophobe James Woods Suspended From Twitter. BY NEAL BROVERMAN MAY 04 2019 8:12 PM EDT. James Woods, more famous these days for conservative online trolling than for his acting roles, was suspended from Twitter this week for posting a message that advocated violence. If you try to kill the King, you better not miss Actor James Woods on Twitter hit another one out of the park. Today's tweet concerns Joe Biden and his relationship with China: Dim sum and dimwi

James Woods, Actor: Vampires. James Howard Woods was born on April 18, 1947 in Vernal, Utah, the son of Martha A. (Smith) and Gail Peyton Woods, a U.S. Army intelligence officer who died during Woods' childhood. James is of Irish, English, and German descent. He grew up in Warwick, Rhode Island, with his mother and stepfather Thomas E. Dixon James Woods reminded President Donald Trump about using an innocuous quote that triggered Twitter into suspending his account last year. The conservative actor warned the president in a tweet. NOTE & CORRECTION - James Woods was boycotting Twitter after Twitter insisted he take down a quote from Ralph Waldo Emerson. Sorry, I had forgotten that! #conservative ** And JAMES WOODS rejoins Twitter! Advertisement - story continues below. Just in time for the 2020 election season! Actor James Woods was a force on Twitter for years, until the last time the liberal social media site locked him out. He'd been suspended before, but in April 2019 he'd had enough and walked away Actor James Woods became a top-trending Twitter topic on September 6, getting trolled by thousands, after he tweeted about blocking netizens who use the #Resist hashtag the day before

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— James Woods (@RealJamesWoods) November 9, 2018. After a missing loved one was located safe after a plea on his Twitter account, Woods deemed the social media operation so much more rewarding than arguing politics. He assured followers he was safe and far from the fires, visiting in New England.. Actor James Woods has taken to Twitter to express his frustration with President Barack Obama, the Affordable Care Act and the liberal trolls that he says are waging war on real Americans. This President is a true abomination, Woods wrote from his verified Twitter account. Keep Your Wealth Safe w/ Noble Gold! https://noblegoldinvestments.com/home-delivery/ Get Your Home-Delivered Survival Pack At The Link Above ^^^ Get more at. The tweet was retweeted and liked tens of thousands of times. The next day, Woods reminded his followers on Twitter that Pelosi is third in line for the presidency if something were to happen to. MINNEAPOLIS (AP) — Actor James Woods has been locked out of his Twitter account over a tweet he sent out months ago that was found to be in violation of Twitter's rules. The tweet was posted July 20 and includes a hoax meme that said it came from Democrats and encouraged men not to vote in the midterm elections. Woods got an email from Twitter on Thursday saying the tweet has the potential.

Kayleigh McEnany, James Woods, and Jack Posobiec locked out of Twitter for Hunter Biden tweets. Prominent conservatives Kayleigh McEnany, James Woods, and Jack Posobiec were locked out of their Twitter accounts over tweets related to the New York Post's Hunter Biden bombshell — James Woods (@RealJamesWoods) April 8, 2019 I started out making fun of her video, but now I'm really curious about her. I would seriously do a documentary film of her life James Woods Banned From Twitter for Quoting Famous American Poet Entertainment Tiffany Meier May 3, 2019 Share Actor James Woods at the 2017 Writers Guild Awards L.A. Ceremony, Beverly Hills, Calif., Feb. 19, 2017

Actor James Woods hasn't been on Twitter for nearly 10 months, but he made up for lost time by attacking Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Hillary Clinton, Sen. Mitt Romney, and a score of other political targets late Thursday night Donald Trump announced on Twitter early Friday that he and the first lady tested positive for COVID-19 — and celebrities have plenty of opinions about it. James Woods among celebrities. Woods is known for his Twitter throwdowns in defense of the President and against the Democrat establishment. Last week, the veteran actor ripped Sen. Chuck Schumer over his threats against Supreme Court Justices Neil Gorsuch and Brett Kavanaugh, declaring that America's Founding Fathers wrote the Second Amendment as a safeguard against.

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President Trump spoke out in defense of a particular conservative Twitter user on Saturday: James Woods. Trump described the Hollywood actor as a strong but responsible Conservative Voice, as he. Real James Woods Twitter Post. qCheckmate Published September 19, 2020 47 Views. Subscribe Share. 4 rumbles. Embed Share. LeBron James blasted on Twitter for comments about China. WEWS. 2m16s. Lebron James TROLLS His Own Bald Spot With HILARIOUS Post! The Fumble. 3m33s. Twitter Censorship Actor James Woods has been locked out of his Twitter account over a two-month-old tweet that was found to be in violation of the tech company's rules. The tweet, posted July 20, included a hoax meme that said it came from Democrats and encouraged men not to vote in the midterm elections James Woods Blasting Biden - BUSTED! There it is, Biden's wire at the debate. Yup Joe Biden wore a wire - the man has to cheat to get by. CLICK HER Actor James Woods, a staunch supporter of President Trump, heaped praise on the president on Sunday, tweeting Trump loves America more than any president in my lifetime

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Actors Neil Patrick Harris and James Woods engaged in a Twitter feud this week over an Orange County family's picture of their son at a gay pride parade A federal appeals court has rejected an Ohio woman's defamation lawsuit against actor James Woods over Twitter posts during the 2016 presidential campaign Actor James Woods has reportedly been suspended from Twitter, and President Donald Trump once again took to Twitter to defend him.. Last night Woods praised Woods as a conservative thinker and. Conservative actor James Woods is back on Twitter after a 10-month absence. Woods had his tweeting privileges suspended last April for violating the social media's rules on abusive communication and in May proclaimed that he would excuse himself from the social media platform until free speech is allowed He has over 2.1 million followers and is one of the most active and important conservative accounts on Twitter, but conservative actor James Woods is finished with Twitter until Jack Dorsey, Twitter's CEO, stops being a coward, and affords conservatives the same free speech rights as liberals in his platform

The internet howled at the unintentionally hilarious viral clip of James Woods playing Rudy Giuliani in a 2003 TV biopic.; I went back and watched Rudy: The Rudy Giuliani Story, and I'm. Twitter banned conservative Hollywood actor James Woods again two weeks ago because, in an apparent reference to the Mueller report clearing President Trump of Russian collusion and obstruction, he riffed on a Ralph Waldo Emerson quote using the hashtag #HangThemAll, 'If you try to kill the King, you best not miss' #HangThemAll.. Woods' girlfriend Sara Miller posted a copy of the. Woods' Twitter account was not taken down but locked due to one tweet that violated Twitter's rules. Twitter spokeswoman Katie Rosborough said Woods will need to delete the tweet that violated its. I should not be surprised that this exists in the world but the fact that Rudy Giuliani is being played by James Woods is the icing on this random cake, another Twitter user wrote

James Woods gets Trump's direct attention with 'more than

Country singer Travis Tritt shared some of his political views with fans on Twitter this week, blocking numerous accounts in support of conservative actor James Woods' attempt to silence certain users on the social media platform Actor James Woods has been suspended on Twitter for over a week for abusive behavior. Woods was suspended for a Tweet that read, If you try to kill the King, you best not miss' #HangThemAll according to a tweet from his girlfriend Sara Miller Updated: After actor James Woods used his Twitter account to call attention to a veteran who sent a distressed tweet, authorities located the man who had tweeted he was contemplating death by suicide

Black listed actor James Woods is back from Twitter jail. Woods was unable to post to his account for about two weeks due to a so-called violation. Via Conservative Humor Gone Awry.com, It has been two days since we've seen a tweet posted by blacklisted actor, James Woods. Conservative Humor Gone Awry.com is a big fan of Mr. Woods' tweets After account suspended, James Woods returns to Twitter, blasts Democrats 72-year-old 'Any Given Sunday' actor has plenty to say about Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Elizabeth Warren, others after. James Woods twitter: This is not digitally altered, so what in God's name is this? Twitter ^ | 10/3/20 | James Woods Posted on 10/03/2020 3:10:33 PM PDT by TwoSu

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After Twitter had verified that the law enforcement had been informed of the clip and apprehended the suspect, Twitter still requested James Woods' to delete the particular tweet before Twitter allowed him to regain access to his account. James Woods tweeted in response, The infamous video in question was the appalling beating of a nursing. Twitter has a pretty terrible record when it comes to effectively removing trolls and abusive users from their platform, but occasionally they get one right. This weekend, Oscar-nominated actor turned conservative nut-job James Woods was locked out of the social media website for essentially being a total dumbass. According to the Associated Press, Woods was suspended for a meme he shared back. Woods was subsequently banned for refusing to remove the tweet. How can it be possible that James Woods (and many others), a strong but responsible Conservative Voice, is banned from Twitter? Social Media & Fake News Media, together with their partner, the Democrat Party, have no idea the problems they are causing for themselves. VERY UNFAIR Skip to comments. Report any evidence of election cheating to James Woods on Twitter - He will send it to proper person Twitter ^ | 11/4/2020 | James Woods Posted on 11/04/2020 8:31:45 PM PST by Freedom'sWorthIt. James Woods On Twitter says if anyone posts or sends him any evidence of cheating he will send it to where it needs to be

Actor James Woods Attacks Americans, Military Veterans & Others on Twitter - Then Blocks Them When They Hit Him Back! May 27th, 2020 Bad Brad By Bad Brad Berkwit James Woods shared a video on Twitter demonstrating exactly why Joe Biden's advice to police to shoot them in the leg is deadly. No, No, No! Woods shared a video on Twitter of an attack on police officers in Athens-Clarke County, Georgia, by 23-year-old Aaron Hong in June last year GLENWOOD SPRINGS, Colo. — Actor James Woods said on Twitter that he was involved in a seven-car accident in Glenwood Canyon on Monday. The actor, 68, posted a series of tweets about the crash. Amber Tamblyn of Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants fame,shared a story via Twitter on Monday about being propositioned by a pair of grown men when she was 16 years old. Gross at face value, right? But Tamblyn's disclosure was prompted by one of the men who propositioned her, James Woods, who was criticizing actor Armie Hammer for his role in Call Me By Your Name in which Hammer plays a 24-year. A couple days ago on Twitter, seemingly out of nowhere, actor James Woods decided to issue a decree: Please join me in using proper grammar, syntax, and spelling

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Actor James Woods is a main conduit for content from the far-right fever swamps to millions on Twitter. Woods has a history of using his Twitter account to amplify far-right message board. Now, Hollywood star James Woods is calling Chrissy Teigen out for panicking and deleting tweets. All while she plays the part of the victim. James Woods Calls Out Chrissy Teigen. Woods took to Twitter to post the Fox News article about Teigen's recent blocking and deleting on Twitter. He posted the article alongside a quote from the play.

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James Woods is standing by his controversial comments about a 10-year-old gender creative boy and his supportive parents The 70-year-old actor received a wave of backlash on Twitter Monday. James Woods, the conservative actor, decided to slam Governor Cuomo and the administration on Twitter, using the hashtag #KillerCuomo to express his frustrations with the policy that was not reversed in time. #KillerCuomo ruthlessly seeded vulnerable nursing homes with virus-ridden COVID19 carriers, Woods tweeted

Once upon a time, James Woods was a great actor who appeared in movies like Videodrome, Casino, Hercules and even made a hilarious cameo in The Simpsons. Now, he is best known for being an outspoken Trump supporter and an ultra-conservative member of alt-right Twitter So, James Woods' Twitter Career is no more, much like his movie career. His management dropped him by saying; We'd rather represent a group of angry rats, all carrying bubonic plague! Also, Mr. Woods' face looks like his head was on fire and they used a rake to put it out! Inspiring thoughts, indee re: James Woods savage on twitter Posted by Centinel on 9/1/20 at 2:09 pm to Frank Black That's an insult to Mr. Redden. Woods needs to take that tweet down immediately James Woods always has amazing tweets, but once in a while, he has one that goes mega, mega-viral. That happened recently when he posted a tweet about 2020 being our last stand in America and urged Americans to vote like your life depends on it. Here's what James said: This is our last stand, folks. [

Twitter users were surprised to find Tritt trending on social media along with actor James Woods. The 57-year-old Tritt began to trend after he backed Woods's call to block as many radical leftists as one could by searching for the hashtag 'resist. James Woods is continuing to use his Twitter account for good. The Academy Award-nominated actor tried to help a military veteran named Andrew McMasters who was threatening suicide on Monday

re: Still more James Woods Twitter savagery Posted by TigerAxeOK on 10/20/20 at 12:08 am to Godfather1 Woods face-drags more sack than a medieval grain merchant. I am still absolutely shocked that he hasn't somehow been permabanned from the Twatter James Woods BLOWS UP on Twitter With Subtle Reminder of This Constitutional Right The following video is brought to you courtesy of the The Next News Network YouTube Channel. Click the video below to watch it now James Woods's Twitter account is a Trump-lover's paradise. The actor shares a plethora of pro-Trump content on his Twitter account, which you can view here T here was a time when James Woods was most famous for films like Videodrome and Casino, and a speciality for playing leathery sleazes and crooked gangsters. But in the past year his right-wing.

James Woods Nails It With Meme of Joe Biden and China's

Actor James Woods has responded to his ban on Twitter. The conservative actor was banned from the platform after quoting the television show The Wire.Woods wrote, If you try to kill the King, you better not miss. #HangThemAll The quote from The Wire paraphrases Ralph Waldo Emerson James Woods is an embarrassment to Quahog, Brian says. He's a political troll and a maniac on Twitter.. The irony is, Twitter accused me of affecting the political process, when in fact, their banning of me is the truly egregious interference, James Woods told the Associated Press

James Woods earns hateful backlash after Trump retweet


'Call Me By Your Name' Star Armie Hammer Roasts James Woods on Twitter: 'Didn't You Date a 19 Year Old When You Were 60?' Woods' tweet criticizing Hammer's film blew up in his face. — James Woods (@RealJamesWoods) June 7, 2020. After listing some 50 officers, Twitter briefly suspended his account for violating the company's rules, though Twitter did not explain what specific rules Woods' tweet had violated. Twitter offered no explanation for locking my account

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Posted to Twitter at 9:20 p.m. on May 11, the tweet from Woods remains defiantly alive as of writing and is bringing calls from Twitter users for Twitter to ban James as one propagating hate speech. For his part, Woods claimed on Saturday that the liberals were having a hissy fit in the wake of his tweet against the 49-year-old Cooper James Woods has a reputation for being one of Hollywood's most vocal conservatives. He's suggested that sharing his opinions on Twitter have taken him from a Hollywood A-lister,. Twitter Locks Out Actor James Woods for Tweeting Names of Police Officers Killed in the Line of Duty. Warner Todd Huston June 10, 2020. 33.2K shares; Last Sunday, conservative actor James Woods had his Twitter account locked because he dared post the names of police officers killed in the line of duty James Woods Back on Twitter After 9-Month Boycott, Taunts AOC and Other Democrats In other words, status quo, etc. Ross A. Lincoln | February 6, 2020 @ 10:04 PM Last Updated: February 7, 2020 @ 6.

Poker aficionado James Woods is all in against Twitter. The social media giant on Thursday informed Woods via email that his July tweet that featured political propaganda violated the site's. James Woods playing the role of Rudy Giuliani in 2003. Tom Kingston/WireImage The internet howled at the unintentionally hilarious viral clip of James Woods playing Rudy Giuliani in a 2003 TV biopic James Woods drops a Twitter MOAB on Dem senator who told men to 'shut up and step up' Sep 19, 2018 (National Sentinel)Â Identity Politics: Democrats, and especially Leftist feminist Democratic women, hate men, and especially white men, whom they blame for all problems not just in the United States but the world over James Woods Is Correct That Twitter Shouldn't Have Blocked His Account, But Still Hypocritical On Free Speech Free Speech from the you're-no-free-speech-martyr-jimbo dep

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